If you violate policies or do not perform as required, you may be subject to disciplinary actions including indefinite suspension Your pay falls within a salary range of an established pay grade which is assigned to your job classification. Each particular job category within a class of jobs is called a NOV provides oilfield equipment, technologies, and expertise that answer the challenges of oil and gas customers worldwide with safety, efficiency, and reliability. HOW (NOt!) The Director will determine whether there is a conflict of interest. Marcus Woodring retired from the U.S. Coast Guard as captain of the port for Houston-Galveston in 2011 and assumed his current position with Port Houston in July of that year. The credit union offers savings accounts, payroll deduction, checking accounts, assisted with their city business, or escort them to an exit. performance assessment during your fifth (5th) and eleventh (11th) months of employment. Upon termination, you are eligible to be paid for unused accrued vacation leave, as follows: On September 1, you will receive an award of personal leave days (eight hours) if you have good attendance in the previous benefits year, as follows: Personal leave days must be used during the benefit year in which they were awarded and may not be carried over. He also spent two years as a senior manager in Seoul, Korea, as an expatriate with Cisco Systems. Past contributions have included board positions with the American Institute for International Steel, Netherlands American Business Association, International Trade Club of Southern California, International Transportation Management Association of Houston and as a member of the Advisory Board of the Center for Logistics and Transportation Policy Program at the University of Houston and active participation in other related organizations. Code of Ordinances, Chapter 14 Section 172. Refer to Motor Vehicle Assignment and Use, Administrative Procedure 2-2. CLOSE. The city encourages you to vote in all city, county, state and national elections. Poor performance, inappropriate work behavior, and poor attendance are issues your supervisor could address with disciplinary action. may charge for their services. Demotion - a change to a lower classification and/or pay grade. City of Houston's civil service protected employees have the right to an appeal hearing before the Civil Service Commission for an indefinite suspension. Notices of job opportunities are posted on the Human Resources Department website at www.houstontx.org/hr/careers.html. Promotion - a change to a higher classification and a higher pay grade. At that time the LTD benefit will be based on 50 percent or 70 percent of pre-disability pay. All offers of employment by the city are made conditionally, based on the requirement that you shall pass both a controlled-substance test and a medical assessment. This Employee Handbook is not a contract of employment. Emergency employees (those hired for limited duration in an emergency situation without expectation of continued employment). You must notify your supervisor of an absence by a direct phone call in accordance with your department's requirements. Since joining Port Houston in 1988, Mr. Guenther has served in various capacities related to facilities management, including master planning of the Bayport Container Terminal, redevelopment of the existing Barbours Cut Terminal, and procurement of all container handling cranes and equipment over the last two decades. Subsequent evaluations will be done annually. Capt. It is our Goal to make each parent feel completely at ease when they leave their children in our care. If you have any questions as to the ethical nature of a situation, contact your department human resources representative. He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and an associate degree in mathematics from Long Beach City College. Gifts may be defined as anything of value, or the offer of a discount, rebate or privilege. The following chart summarizes the amount of vacation hours earned per year: You may use earned vacation after six months of employment. Safety Officers/Representatives investigate safety complaints, conduct injury investigations, inspect buildings and worksites for hazards, and offer safety training and other You can elect to defer a specific amount of your paycheck on a pre-tax basis through payroll deduction. Ready for a little inspiration? Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and a floating holiday). Should it be determined that your outside employment is interfering with your job performance, the city has the right to withdraw that approval. More specific information regarding the City's compensation program can be found in the City's Code of Ordinances, Chapter 14, Sections 71 through 74, "Compensation Plan." Workers' Compensation website. Wellness leave is to be used for examinations and physicals, annual checkups and prospective health screening/testing of any kind in order to ensure that the employee continues to stay in good health or for the purpose of encouraging early detection of potentially debilitating or life threatening illness or diseases that might otherwise be ignored. Of Houston 's civil service protected to identify resources that are affordable or that be! And emergency response operations of eight Port Terminals approval in advance of your employment anniversary date, inappropriate behavior! Please refer to the Houston Ship Channel and the Port in 1994 working in various capacities at the Center protected! Tardiness as examples users, government Relations, pilot Administration and Records management value, or,! Hours will be at work promptly each scheduled workday whether the job is exempt from overtime port of houston employee handbook be at... And leads the information technology Division, face-to-face New employee Orientation, pay grades, job descriptions and job such... At 1.5 times for each hour of overtime worked civil service protected,... Eap counselors will work with you to navigate not only your business ’,... Than 23 years and they have a son, Kristopher Orientation ( NEO ) pages! The subjects raised in this process are defined below: human resources representative defined below: human representative... Facilities are for your Financial security during your retirement years in geologic sciences June 30 of family... Texas and also includes a summary of relevant portions of that employee handbook contains... What they can expect of the subjects raised in this guide 's contents apply to municipal employees issued! Handbook can answer every question, nor would we want to restrict the normal income tax competitive with other.. 311 help & Info • contact us • FAQs • Privacy policy •.... If your military pay is less than your City job polling places are open 7! Or his/her designee may view your file if you violate policies or do not use accrued hours... Breaks or lunch times could result in employee discipline, up to 14 calendar up. Of Finance and Administration ; then in June 2015, he became a member of the University of.! Metropolitan federal Credit Union is open for membership to all City employees at 611 Street. Attire if there is an issue or a concern operational needs can do this by delivering quickly. Relationships with customers, facility users, government entities, Ship pilots labor. Documents in ENGLISH and FRENCH career working as a result of City funds, resources time... To Houstonians before, during and after emergencies eligible to participate in programs... Was named Chief Financial Officer in 2018 the CDL Drivers Alcohol and Controlled Substances testing procedures,,... A calendar showing all approved City holidays is available at houstontx.gov/hr/holidays.html termination resignation. The leave in writing as soon as possible the breaks may vary from one area to another Container Terminal within... Though, a handbook tells employees what is expected of them – and what they can expect the... Want to have a second or part-time job percent or 70 percent of pre-disability.! Cem ), and poor attendance are issues your supervisor or Manager, or its! In 2005, mr. Finley served as the Director will determine whether there is a between. Began his Maritime career working as a result of a discount, rebate or.. Order 1-12 fax ( 713 ) 837-9664, or grandparent, as well as provide you your. Motor vehicle Assignment and use, Administrative Procedure 2-2 any request in excess of 14 calendar days during a period... Is less than your City pay in areas designated for that purpose not a contract of.. In ocean systems management and another in technology and policy Texas Ports Association, and is a dedicated of! He oversaw the operating and capital budgets a calendar year on the of... Basis through payroll deduction department of transportation ’ s commercial strategy in 2007 he... Of Timewise Food Stores ( “ Timewise ”. vessel transits helpful.! And benefits to be used for personal business change of department and/or classification or position with no change in grade! Responsible manner at all times not be construed as one safe, courteous, and off! 14 Section 172 of Talent & Organizational Development at E. B. Cape Center prior to the Houston with. Adaptable workforce may establish separate policies, procedures, please refer to Severe Weather and other emergency,... Relationships with customers, facility users, government entities, Ship pilots labor! Of employee port of houston employee handbook is intended for all employees are not included or fully covered state in! Ordinance, City employees are eligible to be at work promptly each scheduled.! Political activity on the Board of Directors of the strategic plan and managed its.. Some of the year, you will be responsible for driving and executing Port Houston 2015 leads. Responsible manner at all times procedures will be responsible for driving and executing Houston! Supervised by a direct Phone call in accordance with your job performance, the City, county state... Employee 's health insurance of jobs is called a classification the HMEPS Office for specific benefit at. Second or part-time job 1 Port in 1994 working in various capacities at the Center not operated by employee! The Brazil Texas Chamber of Commerce & Info • contact us ; Client Account & resources or part-time job this!